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Meet Star Jackson, Vice President of Education & Community Development

Diego Marquez

Mar 31, 2023

Women's History Month Feature

Working in the field of education for over 15-plus years, Jackson joins the Postseason team with extensive and vast knowledge connecting and collaborating with students ranging from the ages of six to college-age that have begun to navigate the real world. In 2020, Jackson began working with NCAA athletes at Texas Christian University helping them try to figure out and navigate the life and business of being a Division I athlete.

“I noticed that they didn’t have any backup plan,” Jackson said. “There was no real pivot outside of, ‘I’m going to go pro. These are the things that I’m doing to get there.’ I would always let them know that was a wonderful thing that have as your main objective or main goal, but what happens if that doesn’t work out.” 

Sparking her interest to see collegiate athletes excel and thrive outside of their respective sports, Jackson understands just how important and impactful the resources that CEO Jelani Jenkins and Postseason offer to respective clients/users.

“I think that athletes will not only gain more insight on who they are outside of sports, but also learn so many life lessons that can be taken away from the resources that we will provide to athletes,” Jackson said. “It is “one-of-a-kind” and it’s in a lane of its own.” 

Some of Jackson’s duties include, developing and executing educational programs, building and managing community initiatives, and she will be instrumental in identifying and developing partnerships with educational institutions, nonprofits, and other community colaborations.

“Star will play an instrumental role in building out our educational content,” said Postseason’s Chief Growth Officer & Head of Athlete Relations Frances Garcia. “I look forward to leaning into her expertise and knowledge in the process of building the proper curriculum for our athletes. My goal is to also ensure that she is fully supported as another female leader in our company, as well as her growth in how she will develop within this community.”

Mental health is one of key issues that Jackson and Postseason want to help collegiate athletes address, understand and cope with in their daily lives. 

“Understanding that there are outlets that they can utilize to get to where they need to be in life, I think it’s going to be an awesome experience of going through the courses, reaching out to different people, and networking,” Jackson said. “All those things are going to be wonderful opportunities to grow their brand, build their leadership skills, and their personal development, as well.”

Jackson’s two biggest heroes are her mother and tennis great Serena Williams because  of their resilience and perseverance.

“My mom is the backbone of the family,” Jackson said. “If I had to pick someone that is not a family member, I would say Serena Williams. I think she defines what it means to be the greatest athlete of all time because she plays a sport that requires her to be a ‘one-woman-team’. She has to dominate this particular sport of tennis by herself. There is not a running back that she can dish it off, no. This is a one-on-one thing and she has excelled at her craft beyond measure.” 

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