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Postseason Enters Into Partnership with the Crenshaw YMCA

Frances R. Garcia

Mar 9, 2023

Postseason, Inc. Enters Into Community Impact Partnership with Crenshaw YMCA

Postseason, Inc. is thrilled to announce a new community impact partnership with Crenshaw YMCA. Together, we will be working towards making a positive difference in the South Los Angeles community by leveraging the network of former athletes and the ability to create unique and impactful sports programs for the youth who live in these underserved communities. 

To kick off this partnership, Crenshaw YMCA, led by Executive Director Aaron Hall, is producing its Inaugural Crenshaw Classic Track Meet, which will be a transformative event for elementary-aged students in the Crenshaw community. Teamed with their classmates, students will forge lifelong bonds with lasting memories through exercise and competition. This event aims to tear down the bare walls of social confusion and anxiety that have permeated children for the last three years. 

“As a Crenshaw native, the YMCA has been home to many including myself growing up. As we continue to advocate for our youth that lives in this community, this event aims to set the tone for the type of experiences our children deserve to have,” Hall said. “Our team is excited and proud to kickstart this initiative for the Crenshaw YMCA, and we are grateful to have the support of many including board member Jelani Jenkins. We look forward to the support of our new partners, Postseason, Inc., led by a retired NFL Vet. We know that he and his team are aligned with our mission and core values, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for this partnership, and seeing the impact we can create together.”

At the Classic, students will sprint in the 50-meter, 100-meter, and 200-meter dash, as well as, the 400-meter relay team event, jump in the long jump and high jump and throw in the softball throw. The participating schools will compete against each other to see who runs the district. The school that accumulates the most medals will get the trophy and bragging rights until the next meet. This is the FIRST event of its kind and winners of the competitions will set the record books!

CEO Jelani Jenkins, one of the Crenshaw YMCA’s board members and also sits on the sub-committee for this initiative, aims to ensure that Postseason intentionally supports youth sports and is continuing to remain committed to serving its role to the fullest of its social responsibility in the sports community. 

"We're all about athlete empowerment at Postseason. We firmly believe that sports can play a transformative role in people’s lives, and we are dedicated to providing young athletes with the resources and support they need to achieve their goals. Aligning with an incredible organization like the Crenshaw YMCA paves the way for us to further that mission. We’re incredibly excited to see the positive impact that we can create together and look forward to a fruitful partnership," said former NFL Veteran & Postseason CEO, Jelani Jenkins.

This will not only be transformative for the boys and girls participating but for the community as a whole. There is no shortage of pride from the residents of the Crenshaw community, but lately, there have been many barriers preventing us from coming together and showcasing it. 

That changes on June 3rd. School against the school, block against the block, the entire district has a rooting interest. This is an event where everyone, regardless of whether they compete or not, will walk away a winner. This is free for all students! 

We offer the opportunity and the honor of helping us make this happen. All proceeds raised from this event will go directly back to the community. With the funds raised from the Track Meet, YMCA Crenshaw will operate free and low-cost programs including, teen engagement programs that cultivate future leaders, youth sports so every kid can experience the joys of sports, and summer camps (both day and overnight) that fill children with the wonder of new experiences.

For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, click the link here.

“Part of Postseason’s mission and goal for partnering with community organizations like YMCA Crenshaw is to provide support for former athletes who are now leaders in their community. Executive Director Aaron Hall, is a former collegiate football player, who has been part of the YMCA family for the last 10 years. His team's commitment to South Los Angeles and the black and brown children that live in the surrounding neighborhoods is aligned with what our empowerment platform aims to do. As we continue to further this partnership, the mutual support and synergy will be instrumental in helping us achieve our shared goals and objectives.” said Chief Growth Officer, Frances Garcia.

We believe that this partnership is a perfect match and we are excited to work together to make a difference in the community. We look forward to collaborating with the YMCA Crenshaw to create a lasting impact in our youth sports communities.

About the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles:  

YMCA-LA is committed to rebuilding communities by providing equitable programs and services to empower all Angelenos. The Y-LA is focused on fighting food insecurity, providing equity in education, making sure every child has the opportunity to experience the joy of sports , and ensuring kids along with teens have a safe place to grow, learn and live a healthy lifestyle. The Y-LA’s health and wellness initiatives offer medical and mental health resources to ensure everyone has access to basic health needs. During the pandemic, the Y-LA became the safety net for millions of Angelenos. They provided millions of meals, hundreds of thousands of hours of free childcare, arranged critical blood drives, provided showers for the homeless, flu and COVID vaccines, as well as, medical and mental health assistance.  Visit for more information.

About Postseason, Inc.: 

Founded in 2021, Postseason aims to empower former collegiate athletes who are looking to transition into another space outside of sports by identifying and providing help with three issues, isolation, loss of support, and loss of competition. The web-based application provides users the ability to nurture valuable connections between existing and potential like-minded individuals and organizations.

Contact information:

Aaron Hall, YMCA Crenshaw - Executive Director

Frances Garcia, Postseason, Inc. - Chief Growth Officer & Head of Athlete Relations

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