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Postseason Takes Home Top Honor at Founders Live Athletes All-Star Edition

Diego Marquez

Jul 10, 2023

Postseason Shines at Founders Live Athletes All-Star Edition

On Monday, July 10, five former athletes turned entrepreneurs were handpicked to pitch their businesses at the second edition of Founders Live Athletes All-Star Edition held at the T-Mobile Tech Experience Center 5G Hub in Bellevue, Washington.

Former Olympians, NFL veterans, as well as former track and college athletes each “shot-their-shots” by presenting a 99-second timed pitch explaining their company and/or services that they provide. The pitches were followed by a short four-minute audience Q&A and concluded with the audience voting to select the winner. 

After all was said and done, Postseason was selected as the winner and took home the first place.

“The entire experience was remarkable,” said Postseason’s Founder and CEO Jelani Jenkins. “The competition and the success that came with the actual pitch, was icing on the cake. I love being able to speak with passion and emotion. I believe the audience felt that and were inspired about that.”

The winners package includes the Professional Boost Membership with over $900,000 in cash savings on over 90 applications and services for startups, as well as the chance to compete in future Founders Live Prime Time global event. 

With the coaching that Jenkins received from Melissa Reaves of Storied Fruition along with experience from past startup competitions, Jenkins learned how to own his approach. Jenkins relaxed and trusted his voice, style, and delivery. 

“I had to trust that the audience will accept and understand my approach,” Jenkins said. “It will come off as inauthentic if I try to do anything else than that. The coach that I had for the second competition really helped me understand and embrace that. I think that was the biggest reason that I improved the second time around.”

Former American and Canadian track and field Olympians, Byron Robinson and Phylicia George, respectively, former professional football player Cletus Coffey, and former Illinois State women’s basketball star Jaci McCormack rounded out the participants.

Putting his best foot forward, Jenkins shared some words of advice and encouragement to his fellow contestants.

“This being my second pitch competition, it went really well, but my first one was a disaster, Jenkins said. “I was able to speak to a couple of them afterwards, share my story, and give them some advice about how I was able to learn and adapt from the first pitch. Basically, to just pick their head up and not get down on yourself because it’s easy to do that. Especially for athletes.”

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