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Helping Athletes Find

Beyond the Game

Founded by an NFL Vet -

We put the athlete first

in every step we take.

Postseason, Inc. launched its online athlete empowerment platform in 2021, and since then has capitalized on its growing digital and physical community. After speaking to hundreds of elite athletes about their transition out of sports, we have identified three major problems: Isolation, Loss of Support, and Loss of Competition. Our platform aims to recreate the support system that exists within elite athletic organizations to help facilitate a seamless transition to the next phase of life.

Image of Jelani Jenkins running out of the locker room tunnel to take the field as a Miami Dolphin

Helping athletes find
purpose, growth, & connection
beyond the game.

We have positioned our physical and digital community to be the first of its kind. Postseason aims to create the first peer-to-peer network that is exclusively for former athletes to find purpose, growth, and nurture meaningful relationships beyond sports. This empowerment platform aims to recreate the support system that exists within athletic organizations by providing educational content, mentors, wellness resources, and creating opportunities for transformational experiences.

"It starts with acknowledging that denial and then being vulnerable enough to talk about it. Since we had that conversation at the [Postseason] event last summer, I have had more conversations with more friends from hoop and just the sports community, than I have in my whole life. But first, it started with figuring out if I was allowed to talk about it and if I was worthy enough to talk about it [sports journey]." 

Tyrone Nance

Oral Roberts University, Basketball

Executive Team

Postseason is an innovative team of former athletes, led by an accomplished NFL Vet, on a mission to provide a supportive space and quality products for fellow current and former athletes. Our team of dedicated individuals works hard to create a safe environment and top-tier products that athletes can trust.

Our Team

More on the way!

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